Victorian schools work to a set of guidelines, AusVELS, which is a combination of the current Australian Curriculum and the Victorian VELS ( Victorian Educational Learning Standards). They outline what is crucial for all students to learn from Prep to Year 10. Schools use the Standards to plan their teaching and learning programs, including assessment and reporting of student progress.

The Standards outline what is important for students to learn during their time at school.

The Standards ensure that students continue learning traditional subjects such as english, mathematics, science, humanities, languages and the arts. Within these subjects, students learn the physical, personal and social skills they need in life.

The school report card shows how far your child has progressed during the year, and compares their performance with the standards expected for students of their age. 

We want our students to be informed and empowered through student voice and choice. Dingley Primary School offers an engaging, coordinated seven year curriculum which also provides a wide range of excellent educational opportunities. Click here to find out more http://ausvels.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Overview/Home

Our curriculum is also devised to cater for the many different needs of students, particularly with literacy and numeracy. The students learning is further enhanced and supported by specialist programs in Art, Drama, Japanese, Music, Physical Education and Reading Recovery.

The curriculum we provide will engage all students, challenging them as well as providing support. With this in place, a fun, caring and encouraging learning environment is created.

Extra Curricular Activities:

A range of opportunities for extra activities outside the classroom are provided at Dingley Primary School.
The activities provided include:
- Bike Education
- Excursions
- RACV Energy Breakthrough Program
- Interschool Sport
- Junior School Council
- Outdoor Education Programs (Camps)
- Instrumental Music Program
- Active After School Program

- Chess and Rubics cube club
- GATEWays Extension Program
- Rockband
- School Choir (Glee Club)
- Whole School Production
- Sport
- Swimming
- Toastmasters (Year 6 only)
- REACH Program for Years 5 & 6
- L4D (Leadership for Dingley): a whole day leadership program for our Year 4 and 5 students at the end of the year.

- SLIP ( Student Leadership Induction Program)