At Dingley Primary School we support the rights of all members of the school community to be provided with and engage in a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment. This extends to the use of digital tools and online communities and is underpinned by our expectation of safe and responsible behaviour of all members of the school community.

Computer literacy is an essential part of education in today’s technological society and computers are used to enhance our curriculum. Each classroom has access to notebooks with internet access and are fitted with software applications included in the Department's eduSTAR software image.

The broad range of applications cover: Animation, concept and Mind Mapping, digital video and image creation, drawing and painting, interactive curricular resources, logic and problem-solving, 3D modelling and game-making, presentation and multimedia tools, sound and music making, thinking skills, web authoring tools & writing tools.

We are involved in the eSmart Schools program. This is a cultural change initiative developed by the Foundation in consultation with academic and industry experts. eSmart aims to create positive, respectful and inclusive cultures that reduce bullying, cyber bullying and increase cybersafety.