Student Leadership


At Dingley Primary School LEAD stands for

Leave a legacy

Extend the hand of friendship

Acknowledge your strengths

Develop a strong team

We want our students to be informed and empowered through student voice and choice. One method of doing this is through our Student Leadership program. Prior to the end of the school year students in Years 4 and 5 write an expression of interest for a specified leadership position. Applicants are interviewed and selected. All leadership roles apart from Student Council are decided before the end of the school ready for implementation the following year.

Click here to see the leadership roles for 2016

The students see these roles as necessary to improving our school and value their titles immensely. Our Leaders take on challenges in the school and the community, building strong links and understandings of how a school and community operate.

Students are given the opportunity to ‘have their say’ and be involved in the decision making process, while building their understanding of processes and protocols. Through this they develop their communication and reasoning skills.

Our students are actively engaged in their learning in a practical manner, applying skills in a real life setting and developing into true young leaders.

Through the program students build stronger connections with each other, the school, their teachers and the broader community. They develop their confidence and self belief, fostering overall improved emotional wellbeing.

Many opportunities are provided throughout the year for our student leaders to learn about leadership:

·         Our School Captains and Vice Captains attend the GRIP Leadership conference in March.

·         All students with a specified leadership role participate in SLIP: Student Leadership     

          Induction Program run by the Principal and Assistant Principal.

·         Student Voice meetings are conducted regularly throughout the year.

·         Students in Year 4 and 5 attend a whole day L4D (Leadership for Dingley) program in

          December each year.

To support the development of our student leaders we offer two separate programs across Years 5&6. In Year 5&6  students work with the Reach Rooky program to develop their understandings of self and others. In Year 6 16 students can apply for the Toastmasters Public Speaking course.