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Assessment & Feedback

Feedback is fundamental to effective learning. The Dingley Primary School Assessment and Reporting model places the needs of the learner at the centre of the process, providing a coherent set of practices extending from Prep to Year 6.

The model embraces a number of different but interrelated components, including written reports, parent-student-teacher conversations, portfolios, and peer and self-assessment.The model is also a powerful vehicle for communication between teachers, students and parents.

Portfolios and online reporting provide quality feedback, supported by parent-student-teacher conversations.From Prep through to Year 6, individual student portfolios document thinking, explorations and pieces of work, along with celebration pieces selected by the student and teacher. Assessment pieces are determined by the teacher and are accompanied by a statement of performance and prompt feedback.

From Prep to Year 6, assessment tasks are presented at the level appropriate for the individual. Students will generally undertake tasks at a mainstream level; however, different levels of complexity are provided with both modified and extension asks completed by students when they require additional support or academic extension.

Students level of task and performance are clearly indicated in their printed and online reports.

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