Performing Arts


Every home group from Prep to Year 6 is allocated a 50-minute session in the Performing Arts room each week. The students enjoy performing arts classes where their individual talents are nurtured and supported. Dingley Primary also has a fantastic School Choir (Glee Club) for students who may be interested which meet regularly and perform at assemblies and special events throughout the year.


The Dingley Primary School’s Performing Arts Program covers all aspects of the curriculum including Music, Drama, Dance and Media. In Music students learn to play a variety of tuned instruments while learning the basics of reading musical notation. Using these instruments students rehearse and perform popular modern charts both as a whole class and in small groups. Within these rehearsal students learn about and investigate musical elements such dynamics, tone and tempo. Media Studies allows students to explore how music is used in various visual medias such as TV Shows, Commercials and Film. Students investigate how music is used to portray different film genres. Some of these include Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy and Drama. Students then create their own Movie Soundtracks using the GarageBand App on the iPad.


In Drama, students explore various dramatic elements such as voice projections, expression, facial animation and body movement.

Students participate in a variety of Drama Games to develop these skills. From here students utilise the skills learnt to present a play either as a whole class or in small groups. Students take ownership of the entire process from play selection to props and costumes. In Dance, students explore a variety of modern dance styles from Hip-Hop to Pop. Students use websites such as YouTube to watch dance clips and instructional video to enhance their understanding. Students rehearse and perform dance routines for occasions such as Christmas Concerts, School Productions and linked to their own drama performances as mentioned above.