Acceptable Use of Digital Resources Policy


Accident and Incident Reporting Policy


Administration of Medication and Care Arrangements Policy


Anaphlyaxis Management Policy


Camps and Excursions Policy


Child Safe Standards: Standard 1: Child Safety & Effective Leadership

                                      Standard 2: Child Safe Policy- Statement

                                      Standard 3: Staff Code of Conduct

                                      Standard 4 (i): Human Resource Practices

                                      Standard 4 (ii): Recruitment Practices

                                      Standard 5 (i): Child Protection & Mandatory Reporting Policy

                                      Standard 5 (ii): Procedures for Responding to Allegations of Misconduct

                                      Standard 5 (iii): Procedures when Disclosures are Made

                                      Standard 6: Risk Management Approach

                                      Standard 7: Promote Participation & Empowerment of Children


Criticial Incidents Policy


Hire of School Facilities Policy


Medicines Management Policy


Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy


SunSmart Policy


Transporting Students Policy


Volunteer Policy