2017 Annual Report


Acceptable Use of Digital Resources Policy


Accident and Incident Reporting Policy


Administration of Medication and Care Arrangements Policy


Anaphlyaxis Management Policy


Camps and Excursions Policy


Child Safe Standards: Standard 1: Child Safety & Effective Leadership

                                      Standard 2: Child Safe Policy- Statement

                                      Standard 3: Staff Code of Conduct

                                      Standard 4 (i): Human Resource Practices

                                      Standard 4 (ii): Recruitment Practices

                                      Standard 5 (i): Child Protection & Mandatory Reporting Policy

                                      Standard 5 (ii): Procedures for Responding to Allegations of Misconduct

                                      Standard 5 (iii): Procedures when Disclosures are Made

                                      Standard 6: Risk Management Approach

                                      Standard 7: Promote Participation & Empowerment of Children


Criticial Incidents Policy


Hire of School Facilities Policy


Medicines Management Policy


Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy


Student Mobile Phone Policy


Student School Uniform Policy


SunSmart Policy


Transporting Students Policy


Volunteer Policy